Saturday, October 28, 2006

Some Hyderabad Real Estate Sites

Hyderabad Real Estate guru's have invented a new style of marketing and research services on properties to NRI's. These web sites primarily work on the basis of a Usage Fee and post information about properties and new developments that they think are good and upcoming in various areas of the city.

Disclaimer : Info below is not a recommendation of the agencies, I know folks that relied on the recommendations and made big money, so you should use your own judgement in leveraging sites below.
  1. Exclusive Properties : Exclusive properties has been the forerunner in these services.. and I have heard of them in Feb 2005 when some of the friends in US were buying land based on their recommendations. Their website is at and you can figure out the rest.
  2. Exclusive Ventures : This seems to be the offshoot of a partner breaking away from exclusive properties and forming his own research offering. His site is now located at and is gathering steam with regular updates on new areas and developments that are available for members.
Both sites above require you to sign up for email alerts and then pay the annual fee so that you can leverage their research on properties and areas that they recommend. The website links provided above should give you an idea of what type of info is provided.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Tips on making safer investments in Hyderabad Real Estate

You can use some simple steps when buying real estate in Hyderabad and surrounding areas in the current day. When buying an apartment the details are different.

  • Ask the seller for the original sale deed, partition deed, settlement deed, power of attorney deed to rule out any existence of mortgage or loan through deposit of the documents.
  • Appoint an attorney/legal counsel that can help validate the title documents authenticity
  • Encumberance certificates for the past 30 years will help identify any existing encumberances on the property. These documents can be found in the registar or sub-registrar's office of the area being dealt with
  • Validate that the property tax and related documents with receipts, and patta extract from land register should be verified
  • In case of the property being inherited through a Will etc., necessary care should be taken to validate the registration of the will and if a minor is involved in the will, certain extra steps need to be taken for validation of the title and creation of the title.

Tips when buying apartments ..
  • Insist on registration of the undivided share of the land to get the title of the property in your favour when purchasing a flat.
  • Ensure that the builder does not have rights to use/build on open terrace and on common areas.
  • Check the building plan and make sure that it has the approval from Huda/Panchayat or other authority that governs the area.
  • Insist that the builder issue a completion certificate to ensure that no deviations exists from the approved plan
  • Identify and validate that the apartment owners association is keeping the title documents in joint custody to avoid any future legal issues with the builders